Personal Injury

Have You Been Hurt In An Accident?

If you have been in an accident, you probably have a lot of questions like these:

How do I pay my medical bills?

How do I make up for the lost wages I have from being out of work?

How do I get my car replaced?

Well, we have years of experience helping people like you receive the compensation that they deserve. Even if n police report was filed or if the other driver had no insurance. Even if the insurance company is avoiding your claims.

We can help.  Don’t face the insurance company alone.

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Here are some important things to do after an accident:

It is important to keep calm. The first things you do after a personal injury accident can affect the reimbursement that you get from your car insurance company if you file a claim.

1. Get Medical Help if you need it

See a doctor right away. Although you may feel fine now or you think your injuries aren’t serious, symptoms like pain, dizziness,  and numbness can crop up days after the accident and can indicate injuries. Getting medical attention promptly is the best thing for your health and it  may strengthen your personal injury claim. If you wait several days or weeks after the accident to seek and document medical attention, it will be harder to prove that your injuries were from the accident and that they did not happen later. Take photos of your injuries.

2. Document Everything about the accident

Take good pictures of the accident location, make sure to include stop signs and traffic lights and take multiple pics of the cars damage. Write down a detailed summary of the accident while it is fresh in your mind. Get proof of lost wages, medical bills, and repair bills. Get the names and contact info for all witnesses. Document details like the degree of pain and any inconveniences you have from your injuries and the time away from work.

3. Consider hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in dealing with claims and the insurance companies so that you can get the highest amount possible for your claim. If there is a dispute over your claim, or the accident itself, an attorney can be a valuable asset in meditations or in court.

We are here to help. We offer a FREE Consultation so call us today (855) 772-9311



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